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Using Google Glass at RTX 2013

I attended RTX over the weekend and had a great time meeting people. The convention was here in Austin, TX and I decided to take Google Glass with me to see if I could make a recap of the whole event for people who weren’t able to attend or want to know what it is about.

The great thing about using Glass throughout the whole event was being able to still enjoy a moment while capturing it. The battery on Glass was okay, it lasted me about 4 hours on average when using it heavily to record moments ranging from 10-50 seconds. One thing that makes up for the battery is that it charges in about half an hour so over lunch I could charge it and be ready to record again.

I would say that 40% of the people at RTX looked at me strangely and would talk with someone about whether or not I was wearing Google Glass. 10% thought they were just a prop so they would compliment me on doing a good job. 20% definitely knew it was Google Glass but they didn’t want to interfere. Another 20% stopped me, asked me questions, and most of that 20% tried it on to see what all the hype was about. The 10% left had no idea what I had on my head or just didn’t notice that I had some odd looking glasses.

The video below was all shot with Google Glass. There is no color correction, stabilization, or any type of edit to make the footage look better or worse than it is. I got over two hours of footage and the final video is 6 minutes long which pretty much sums up the whole experience.

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