Apr 18, 2017

Last year was the first time that I left my iPhone for more than a month and switch to Android. I used the Galaxy S7 for around 5 Months until the iPhone 7 came out. I've always liked Android but until a couple years ago it just wasn't as good as iOS and when I say good I mean the apps available on the OS were not as good as those on iOS.

Switching from iPhone 7 to Galaxy S8


I believe 2017 is the first year that it doesn't really matter what phone you choose because all of them are going to be pretty much the same. The iPhone 8 will look and function very similarly to the Galaxy S8 and both devices have lots of features which end up accomplishing the same thing. I sold my iPhone 7 a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the Galaxy S8 because it is the best smartphone ever made. The combination of materials, features, software, and design of the phone make it the most comfortable smartphone I have held and it sports the most beautiful screen I have seen. The iPhone 8 will most like match all this but we are still months away from an announcement this means it's currently Samsung's turn to shine.


I ended up purchasing the Silver since I have had a black phone for the past couple of years and Samsung has given all the S8 colors black fronts which is perfect. If you have yet to see one in person, I highly reccomend going to a store and checking it out. This is what phones will look like for the next couple of years until the foldable displays become more affordable. I’ll be making some videos on the S8 this coming weekend so stay tuned for those!

How to Use Google Glass [Video]

Google has posted a tutorial on how to use Google Glass to familiarize people with the interface. Google Glass has a touchpad on the right side which turns Glass on by simply touching it and then from there you can swipe left to see current events and right to see past events like pictures, videos, and messages.

Glass Explorer Edition units are still in the process of being handed out to developers, #ifihadglass winners will be notified shortly afterwards, but the consumer version of Glass is still 6-12 months away so don’t get your hopes up just yet. Check out the video above to see how to use Google Glass and go here to check out how Glass works.


First Google Glass Unboxing & New Details

Developers who signed up for the Google Glass Explorer edition last year at Google I/O will soon be getting them. We have known how Glass looks and performs for a while but we didn’t know what people would be getting in the box for the $1500 price tag. To relieve us of the curiosity Brandon Allgood got his hands on the Google Glass box and revealed what’s inside the box.

Brandon Allgood-Glass

Inside the box you get two different visors(Clear & Tinted), a carrying bag, a power adapter, a power cord and Google Glass itself. Google also revealed more details about Glass and said that the glasses have adjustable nose pads and that the screen is comparable to a 25-inch high-definition screen eight feet away.

Brandon Allgood-Glass 2

Photos by Brandon Allgood

Glass connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, has 12 gigabytes of usable storage, and the battery lasts about a day but that is dependent on how many videos a person records. Google has also released the My Glass app for Android which allows users to set up Glass. If you aren’t one of the lucky few that will get Glass in the upcoming months then the app is useless, unless you download it and wait until the end out this year to buy Glass when it’s a consumer product.

How Google Glass Works [Infographic]

By now most of us should be familiar with Google Glass and what its intended purpose is, but what most of us don’t know is how exactly it works. Martin Missfeldt, a German designer, has created an infographic to show how Google Glass works.

How Glass Works InfographicHow Glass Works Infographic

Google Glass is expected to go on sale to the public towards the end of the year and cost around $1,000 US dollars. You might start seeing people wearing Glass in the next couple of months since developers and selected members of the public will have their hands on them before everyone else but they will have to shell out $1,500.

Source: Brille-kaufen

Sergey Brin’s Demo of Project Glass Skydiving is the best product demo? [Video]

At Googles I/O Sergey Brin rushed onstage and interrupted the conference while wearing a Project Glass unit and then gave everyone a brief live demo of some guys Skydiving over San Francisco while wearing Project Glass to share the experience. This is truly one of the best product demos I have seen and truly shows what Glass is capable of. Check out the video after the break!

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