Jun 05, 2017

The iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra Betas are now available for developers and tech enthusiasts. With those new updates there are new wallpapers that make your device feel fresh and new, luckily below we have all the new wallpapers so you don’t have to update any of your devices before actual release!

iOS 11 Wallpaper for iPhone

iOS 11 Wallpaper for iPad

Mac OS High Sierra Wallpaper (2880 × 2010)

Mac OS High Sierra Wallpaper (2880 × 1494)

How To Download The iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra Wallpapers:

Desktop: Click on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you want. When the image loads, right click and choose “Save Image As”. When you click “Save Image As”, you will be able to name the image and save it to a location of choice on your computer. Stay up to date with our latest posts by following us on Twitter (@DarGadgetZ)!

Mobile: Tap on the thumbnail of the wallpaper you want. When the image loads click “view full size”. Now tap and hold on the image until the “Save Image” option appears. When you click “Save Image” the wallpaper will appear in your Camera Roll.

Google Glass Experience Review, 1 Year 1/2 Later

After nearly two years with Google Glass, I thought it was about time to tell you about my experience with Google Glass and if it’s worth it. I’ve been a supporter of Glass since its announcement and will continue to be one. Google Glass has its ups and downs but the most important thing is its potential, I am nothing but sure that the consumer version of Glass will be awesome and a product worth owning. The video below has a small montage of clips at the beginning but the actual review starts at 1:28.


Blip TV: Mirror

Google Glass Prescription Frames Now Available for Purchase, Come in Four Styles

Google has released four titanium frames for Google Glass that you can have fit with your prescription or no prescription at all. The lenses are said to be  “feather-light” and will come with a microfiber case, precision screwdriver, and cleaning cloth for $225 on top of the $1500 that are already charged when purchasing Glass. Explorers can go to https://glass.google.com/getglass/ and choose either a Curve, Bold, Split, or Thin Style and choose the color of frame to match their Glass.

google glass frames

I purchased the Thin style earlier this morning which should arrive sometime next week. We will have a full video showing the frames and we’ll see if they are worth the $225. Google also released two new shades, Edge and Classic, which cost $150 each and have gradient lenses.

Watch This: Google Glass Spoof On The Simpsons

On last nights episode of The Simpsons, characters from the show, such as Homer, got a pair of “Oogle Goggles” from their boss. The episode consists of spoofing Google Glass while managing to point out some pros and cons of the device. The full episode, “Specs and The City”, is available for Hulu Plus subscribers online [here] or you can watch highlights of the episode below which, might not last very long on YouTube.


Using Google Glass at CES 2014

There were, from what I saw, a little over a dozen people wearing Google Glass during CES 2014 and I was one of them. I got a few hours worth of footage with Google Glass and decided to make a quick video to give an idea of what CES 2014 was like. There are no edits to the footage from Glass to make it look better or worse than it actually is. Check out the video…

MyGlass for iOS now Available in the App Store

iOS users can finally enjoy (almost) all of the functions of Google Glass. Having an iPhone, it was somewhat cumbersome to use some of the features like directions and screencast since I needed to use an Android device. Google’s new app allows Glass users to set up the device and download apps to Glass.

MyGlass allows you to configure and manage your Glass device. Use it to set up Glass, get directions on the go, screencast what you see on Glass to your phone, and add Glassware and contacts.

If you don’t have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. Learn more at google.com/glass.

Source: MyGlass (App Store)


Is Google Planning a Crazy Stunt with the First Gen Google Glass Units?

Earlier today, the first Google Glass Explorers received an invitation to swap out their first generation Glass unit for the new and improved version. Towards the end of the invitation that Explorers received the Glass Team said  the following…

We get that you might be a little sad to part with your Glass; you’ve been through a lot together. So, we’re going to make sure that your old Glass is duly honored when you send it back. Stay tuned…

“duly honored”? What could they possibly mean by that? Fellow Glass Explorer, Tom Wolf, responded to a Google+ post with some possibilities…”A wall of Glass in the Google offices? Sending it back embedded in a slab of glass (like the Glass spot reservations from Google IO)?  Hooking them all up in a giant array and throwing them out of a plane in the largest Hangout On Air skydive ever?”. Maybe it has to do something with that mysterious Barge? Probably not, but I don’t doubt that whatever Google is planning to do with the first generation Glass is interesting.

First Google Glass Explorers Can Now Swap Glass 1.0 for 2.0

The first wave of Google Glass Explorers have received an invitation allowing them to swap out their original Glass pair for the newer/improved version of Glass.

Google Glass Invite Swap, New 2.0 Pair

Google is also allowing its explorers to choose a different color. The invitation also said that the “swaps will be first-come, first served for each color”. I am personally going to keep Shale, it is still my favorite color for Glass. Explorers don’t have to swap their Glass but the Glass Team recommends they do because future accessories or features might not work with the first version.

Using Google Glass at RTX 2013

I attended RTX over the weekend and had a great time meeting people. The convention was here in Austin, TX and I decided to take Google Glass with me to see if I could make a recap of the whole event for people who weren’t able to attend or want to know what it is about.

The great thing about using Glass throughout the whole event was being able to still enjoy a moment while capturing it. The battery on Glass was okay, it lasted me about 4 hours on average when using it heavily to record moments ranging from 10-50 seconds. One thing that makes up for the battery is that it charges in about half an hour so over lunch I could charge it and be ready to record again.

I would say that 40% of the people at RTX looked at me strangely and would talk with someone about whether or not I was wearing Google Glass. 10% thought they were just a prop so they would compliment me on doing a good job. 20% definitely knew it was Google Glass but they didn’t want to interfere. Another 20% stopped me, asked me questions, and most of that 20% tried it on to see what all the hype was about. The 10% left had no idea what I had on my head or just didn’t notice that I had some odd looking glasses.

The video below was all shot with Google Glass. There is no color correction, stabilization, or any type of edit to make the footage look better or worse than it is. I got over two hours of footage and the final video is 6 minutes long which pretty much sums up the whole experience.

Next Event – CES 2018



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