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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Hair Gate?

iPhone 6

Well, we have another minuscule iPhone 6 and 6+ complaint. This one has been dubbed the hair or seam gate. Apparently, users have been getting their hair pulled out by their iPhones while making calls. They said the seam between the glass and the aluminum have allowed their hair to get caught and pulled. Twitter has been getting plenty of tweets such as these:



This along with the bend gate, and the iPhone 6 is clearly not getting the reputation Apple had intended. However, they are very small issues and people honestly should just calm down. The bend is rare and takes a lot of force, and the hair gate is too small of a problem to keep people from buying the phone. Nonetheless, it’s quite interesting to see how people react to an iPhone defect rather than an Android phone’s defect. People have such high expectations from Apple, that they make a big deal out of something not so big, yet are willing to overlook that in, say, the S5.

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