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Inateck MacBook Air Sleeve Review

In this review, I have the MacBook Air/(maybe Pro) sleeve from Inateck. We received both the grey and green sleeves from the company for the purpose of reviewing, so thanks to them for doing that. Now, onto the review!

The sleeves have a felt outer-material with a rubber inside material. The two together are meant for looks and protection from minor drops and scratches. The overall look and feel of the case is soft, and kind of reminds me of a harder sweater type of material. It has the style of a messenger bag with either a velcro or string wrapped around the top to keep the cover closed. It also has two built-in pockets on the back that can be used to carry a phone, earbuds, or something of the like. It also comes with a small wallet-looking pouch meant for a power adapter or mouse, which is a nice touch, as it does match the style of the bag.

Inatek 1301 Sleeve

I do like the feel of the material, and I personally like the green color better, as it’s a bit more interesting to look at than the grey one and reminds me of nature with a mossy color. As far as the actual protection from the environment goes, I don’t think it can protect much from a drop with such thin walls. That being said,if it’s a minor drop, it will absorb at least some of the drop. It will also protect well from scratches, and with the felt type of material, water will either roll off or be absorbed and kept in only that part of the bag, with the rubber on the inside stopping it from further penetration.

The fit of the bag is quite snug. It’s advertised for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, though even the 13″ Air I have had a very snug fit, and the 11″ was a bit loose inside. So, trying to fit the Pro in might prove to be a bit of a challenge, so that’s something you should be aware of before your purchase.

One of the nice features a lot of people will like about this bag is that it is environmentally friendly, with a completely plastic- and metal-free material, and the ability to biodegrade over time. So, if you have a friend that’s environmentally conscious, it could make for a great gift!

Overall, I like what the company is going for with the more natural looks and being able to reduce into the ground again, though I feel it lacks just a little in the amount of protection I’d like from a bag protecting my $1,000 investment. However, one should be careful with a piece of technology that expensive in the first place, and the case is minimalistic, which can appeal to a lot of people. It’s all about weighing the options. I would certainly recommend it to a decent-size niche of people, but it’s not for everyone.

Inateck: Grey Sleeve & Green Sleeve