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How To: Play the Same Game on 2 Xbox One’s Without Paying Twice

Back when Microsoft announced the Xbox One, digital game sharing sounded promising but, shortly after, Microsoft retracted their plans and switched focus back to physical media. If you happen to have two consoles in your home or know somebody who you want to share your games with, Microsoft made it so you could. Check out the video below and written out instructions below that…


How To:

  1. Console 1 has Profile 1 (Profile which you purchased the game with)
  2. Console 2 has Profile 1 & 2
  3. On Console 2 with Profile 1, go to settings -> My home Xbox -> Click on “Make this my home Xbox”
  4. You can now re-download (with Profile 1) the games that had been purchased. Once they download, you can switch to profile two and use the game as if it was yours!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

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  • Aj

    Can u play the same game on 2 consoles at the same time?

    • Yes, as long as your not signed in with the same profiles on both consoles.

      • Jonny Carlberg

        But not online at the same time?

        • Jh

          You mean like multiplayer or online period

          • Jonny Carlberg


          • You can play multiplayer with each other/anybody as long as you use the two different profiles. So profile 1 on console 1 and profile 2 on console 2.

          • Jonny Carlberg

            But how about online, own personal live but same disc

          • Rowland

            Is there a similar way if I own a physical disc and don’t want to buy another disc or digital copy for console 2?

          • Daniel Romero

            Unfortunately, no. That’s one of the perks of digital versions. No disk versions have the ability to do this.

  • Victor

    This is related to the playing games on two xbox topic. So after the games have been downloaded[and all steps have been completed] to console 2, can profile 1 which also purchased xbox live gold have xbox live gold access in console 1 or only on console 2. And so if he can only have xbox live access on console 2, obviously profile 1 would want access to xbox live on console 1 and so profile 1 would have to make console 1 the home xbox. After that will the games on console 2 that have been downloaded be still playable for profile 2. I hope my questions are not complecated or confusing

  • Liam Ion

    Will it work in two different towns and will it effect the other Xbox

    • Daniel Romero

      It won’t effect it in any significant way. Yes, it can be used across towns, cities, etc… 😀

  • nidham

    can you keep the game to profile 2 account ?

  • Malik Usman

    can we use same redeem code for one game on two different profiles

    • Daniel Romero

      Unfortunately, no. But once you redeem it on the main account, you should be able to use it on both!

  • methu isdabest

    can you use a game code for 2 different Xboxes if it says both xbox one and 360 on it

  • avassigh

    Can you game share across two consoles in the same house, using disc-based games?