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Henge Dock Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Air Review



Henge Docks is a company that makes docking stations for various models of the MacBook, so you can just set your laptop in and essentially convert it to a desktop. This particular review relates to the MacBook Air 13″ model, which supports one USB and one Thunderbolt port. The cost of this dock is set at $65 and can be purchased at Henge Docks’ website.

imageFirst off, we’ll look at the design. This dock has a white plastic outer coating and grey inner color, with a durable plastic inside to help make sure it’s sturdy. With a larger base, you can ensure your MacBook won’t fall over. On the other hand, though, it’s not to big and the part that hold the MacBook is quite thin. On the back are the two ports: one USB and one Thunderbolt, and on the sides the Henge Docks logo is shown in grey.

This design is very nice, though I kind of wish that Henge Docks had chosen an aluminum color to match with the MacBook and accessories like the SuperDrive, Magic Trackpad, and keyboard.

Next up is the functionality. With a vertical dock and a design like the MacBook Air, there isn’t a great way to cover all of the ports, which does kind of leave me wanting more from something like this. Because the Air has one USB port, SD card port and Thunderbolt port on one side and another USB port, 3.5mm audio port, and charging port on the other, a vertical dock can only utilize one USB port and the display port. However, I wish Henge Docks had split the port into two on the dock itself so you could at least plug one mouse and one keyboard into it. Simultaneously, though, it’s not going to break the bank to purchase a USB hub for additional devices. The other side-effect to using only the one side is that you have to plug the charger into the top of the Air, so Henge Docks included a clip to hold the charger in place, so that also isn’t too big of a deal.

Overall, I think this dock is probably the best vertical one on the market for the MacBook Air. Even with its quirks, everything seems to work very well, and I feel completely safe using it without it falling over. I highly recommend you check it out!

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