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Is Google Planning a Crazy Stunt with the First Gen Google Glass Units?

Earlier today, the first Google Glass Explorers received an invitation to swap out their first generation Glass unit for the new and improved version. Towards the end of the invitation that Explorers received the Glass Team said  the following…

We get that you might be a little sad to part with your Glass; you’ve been through a lot together. So, we’re going to make sure that your old Glass is duly honored when you send it back. Stay tuned…

“duly honored”? What could they possibly mean by that? Fellow Glass Explorer, Tom Wolf, responded to a Google+ post with some possibilities…”A wall of Glass in the Google offices? Sending it back embedded in a slab of glass (like the Glass spot reservations from Google IO)?  Hooking them all up in a giant array and throwing them out of a plane in the largest Hangout On Air skydive ever?”. Maybe it has to do something with that mysterious Barge? Probably not, but I don’t doubt that whatever Google is planning to do with the first generation Glass is interesting.

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