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Drone Delivery for Pills and Prescriptions Coming to San Francisco

A few months ago Amazon showed off its plans for Prime Air which brought a lot of attention to how businesses could deliver products to consumers in a faster more efficient way through the use of drones.  A company in San Francisco, QuiQui, is planning to launch a 24/7 delivery service for pills and prescriptions that will get the product to you within 15 minutes of ordering.

San Francisco recently ruled in favor of using drones for commercial purposes, the service will launch in the Mission District due to the “lack of tall buildings and relatively flat landscape”. QuiQui is planning its first flights for summer of this year and will charge $1.00 per delivery plus the cost of your goods. If you live in San Francisco you can sign up for the beta by visiting their website.

quiqui coming san francisco

Frequently Asked Questions


Is all this legal?

It most certainly is. Recently the FAA lost a lawsuit allowing it to ban commercial drones. Additionally, full size aircraft must maintain 500 feet from populated places and landmarks. Our drones fly below 500 feet AGL, and nowhere near airports.


Can you deliver my prescription?

We’re working with local pharmacies to offer prescription delivery. Now you don’t have to scurry all over town trying to get your prescription refilled.


Why only drug store items?

Unfortunately, it’s not commercially viable for drones to transport larger things yet. We chose pharmacy items because they’re typically very small and easy to transport.


What if something goes wrong?

Our drones have software to mitigate their damage in the event of catastrophic failure. If you accidentally drop your order in a tree, we can help you with that too.


Why Did You Pick The Mission?

The lack of tall buildings and relatively flat landscape make our aerial mapping much easier. Since the drones can fly “as the crow flies”, it makes it a great place to start.

Have any of the drones started looking for Jon Connor?

No. Our drones are aware of many things, but “self awareness” is not on our feature list.

Source: QuiQui

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